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You Are My Love
Breathless Book 2

David Mazur was blindsided by the sight of his ex-fiancee and the reminder of their heartbreaking past, just when he was on the cusp of confessing his love to the woman of his dreams. The bitter pain and anger he feels sent him running, thinking he’s not good enough for Natalie or anyone else for that matter. Can he face his past and finally let it go, or will it end any chance he has of a future with Natalie?


Natalie Spencer won’t take no for an answer when David, the love of her life, tries to run away from her. Can she wear him down and make him see that they were truly meant to be together? Is their relationship even strong enough to survive when the past doesn’t stay in the past, and threatens everything Natalie has fought so hard for?


Will the two of them be strong enough to stand together and fight for what they need most? Each other.

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