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You Are My Air
Breathless Book 1
When Natalie Spencer runs her first half marathon with her best friend, she never expected to run into a gorgeous man who jolts her to the core. The effect he has on her is immediate and intense, but he disappears before she can discover his name or anything about him. She’s left reeling from the encounter; wondering what could have been and why she seems destined to always be alone and without love.
David Mazur was left emotionally scarred when his fiance abruptly left him a month before their wedding almost a year and a half ago. He vowed never to risk his heart again, or get close to any woman in a way that was more than just physical. So when he has such a strong visceral reaction to a beautiful woman who he helps during a half marathon, he does the only thing he knows how. He runs like hell, just like he always does.However, when events conspire to make their paths cross again, can both overcome their fears and let love blossom between them, or will it rip them apart?
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