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Wild Blood
The Trueborn Saga Book 1
Raven Cade is new to the sleepy little town of Wolcott and desperately in need of a job. So it seems like a good idea when she hastily accepts one at a seedy dive bar she finds along the side of the road. Especially when she ends up meeting an unbelievably gorgeous man who arrests her attention and inflames her desire like never before. But when two terrifying men start an equally terrifying bar brawl in an attempt to kidnap her, she realizes she made a horrible mistake. Her first night on the job becomes an incomprehensible nightmare that threatens her life and her sanity, and has her questioning everything she knows. 

Emmett Weylin isn’t human. He and his family are part of a pack of werewolves living in secret in the tiny town of Wolcott. Drawing undue attention to himself is the last thing he can afford, so hitting a shady bar outside of town with a questionable reputation is a necessary evil when he needs to scratch an occasional itch. He never expected to find his mate and the love of his life there. And when he sees her, both the wolf and the man inside him instantly take notice. Wanting. Needing. Coveting. But when two evil and inhuman abominations show up to take her away from him, can he keep her safe long enough to do something about it? Or will the shocking truth about what he really is, and what they are to each other, scare her off before he even has a chance?
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