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Torn Spirit
The Trueborn Saga Book 3
Keira is living a nightmare when she arrives in the sleepy little town of Wolcott. She’s been held captive for months and her memories of her life before being taken are fragmented or just plain gone. So when a chance to escape from her monstrous captors comes during a raging snowstorm, she takes it. But when certain death from the elements looms not long after, she’s rescued by a mesmerizing and gorgeous stranger who she’s inexplicably attracted to despite her fear and suspicion. Can she afford to trust him or his seemingly benign motivations after her naivete burned her once before? Will an escape from what she considers yet another prison be the safest course? Or will surrendering to her deep and visceral desire for this mysterious man be exactly what she needs?
Beckett Weylin is a trueborn werewolf who prefers his own company. The last thing he ever thought he would find, let alone want or need, is a mate. So he’s shocked when a beautiful woman in need is thrown unexpectedly in his path and bewitches both the wolf and the man inside him. But how can he give in to the mating bond when it feels like an assault on their free will? How can he when she doesn’t even know what he is or truly understand what the bond means? He knows he has to resist her, but doing so just might prove impossible. Especially, if it’s the only way he can save her ravaged soul.
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