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Spellbound Fury
The Trueborn Saga Book 5
Wyatt Weylin’s life in the sleepy little town of Wolcott is irrevocably changed when tragedy strikes his close knit family. Being flung into the role of Alpha amid his overwhelming grief proves more difficult than he expects. Especially given his year’s long obsession with the only woman he’s ever loved, Scarlett Rollins. Can his human half withstand his inner wolf’s growing infatuation with someone he knows from past experience can never truly be his? Can Wyatt rein in his emotions without risking his friendship with Scarlett and focus on what’s truly important, keeping his pack safe from their archenemy? Or will avoiding any conflict damage his relationship with his siblings who clamor for revenge and ultimately lead to the Weylin Pack’s annihilation?  
Scarlett Rollins has been close friends with Wyatt Weylin their entire lives until that inexplicably changes. Somehow over the last year she’s foolishly developed feelings for a man who has no romantic interest in her. Determined to protect her heart, she denies her feelings for him, and instead focuses on using her skills as the Weylin Pack’s mage to keep them all safe despite the painful grief consuming her own family. When faced with the genuine interest of another man, she encourages him in the hopes of moving past her feelings for Wyatt. But will doing so imperil the precarious friendship she has with Wyatt or lead to something unexpected? Or will none of that even matter if she can’t find a way for them to defeat the looming enemy that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear?
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