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Savage Honor
The Trueborn Saga Book 4
Xander Selvaggio arrives in the sleepy little town of Wolcott in search of his missing brother. Hounded by an evil that longs to consume his humanity and an unwavering loyalty to the only family he has left, the last thing he wants is unsolicited help from a stranger. Even if she’s a gorgeous woman who sets his body ablaze and enthralls his battered heart. Can he trust her seemingly genuine motivations, or is there a hidden catch that will cost him more than he can afford to lose? And if he accepts her help, will he be risking her life to the malevolent corruption he knows is only growing stronger inside him?
Harmony Weylin wants nothing more than to help the man both she and her inner she-wolf instantly recognize as their mate. If only she can convince the stubborn and wary man to accept the aid he so obviously needs. Yet when he finally does, it only leads to terrifying and unprecedented revelations that shake the very foundations of how they both view the world. Forced to hide the truth from the pack and her very own family to protect Xander, will she be able to help him banish the evil eating away at his soul before it consumes him? Or will she be driven to do the unthinkable and end his suffering only to destroy her own soul in the process?
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