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Rogue Heart
The Trueborn Saga Book 2
Ronan Nash arrives in the sleepy little town of Wolcott to carry out a contract on the man responsible for destroying his family. Finally, he has a chance to find the vengeance he’s sought for so long after years of guilt, pain, and rage. Instead, he finds something else, a gorgeous trueborn she-wolf who instantly has the man and the wolf inside him spellbound. Will his overwhelming desire for her override his better judgment and distract him from his mission? Or will he be strong enough to resist the intense attraction that is inexplicably pulling them together?

Lyric Weylin is the last of five trueborn siblings to move out of their parent’s house. What better way to celebrate her new-found independence than to hit a dance club and find a sexy cowboy to take her virginity? Instead, she finds an irresistible stranger who draws her and her inner she-wolf in like a moth to a flame. However, her potential mate isn’t what he seems. Her involvement with him quickly sucks her into his violent and unpredictable world full of monsters both familiar and new. And when the truth eventually comes to light, she might not like what she learns or what it means for her family and the Weylin pack’s future in Wolcott, the only home she’s ever known.

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