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Each series can be read separately, but this reading order is recommended for the fullest enjoyment.

Beautifully Broken Trilogy  

(Jensen and Sydney’s story)
Let Me Love You: Beautifully Broken Book 1
Let Me Save You: Beautifully Broken Book 2
Let Me Heal You: Beautifully Broken Book 3


Breathless Trilogy

(David and Natalie’s story)
You Are My Air: Breathless Book 1
You Are My Love: Breathless Book 2
You Are My Life: Breathless Book 3


Order & Chaos Trilogy

Ford and Jenny’s story)
An Act of Restraint: Order & Chaos Book 1
An Act of Release: Order & Chaos Book 2
An Act of Redemption: Order & Chaos Book 3


Dangerous Desire Duet 

(Gareth and Malory’s story)
Dark Dominion: Dangerous Desire Book 1
Dark Devotion: Dangerous Desire Book 2


Blood Brothers Standalones
Taming Rough Waters: A Blood Brothers Standalone: Book 1

(Calder and Ella’s story)
Tempting Calm Waters: A Blood Brothers Standalone: Book 2

(Scott and Lu’s story)

The Trueborn Saga (can be read separate from other series)
Wild Blood: The Trueborn Saga Book 1 (Emmett and Raven’s story)

Rogue Heart: The Trueborn Saga Book 2 (Lyric and Ronan’s story)

Torn Spirit: The Trueborn Saga Book 3 (Beckett and Keira's story)

Savage Honor: The Trueborn Saga Book 4 (Harmony and Xander's story)

Spellbound Fury: The Trueborn Saga Book 5 (Wyatt and Scarlett's story)

Unity City Series 

Half-breed’s Bargain: Unity City Book 1 (Van and Harlow’s story) (Summer 2021)

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