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Let Me Save You
Beautifully Broken Book 2

Broken by psychological trauma and convinced that he was a danger to her, Jensen Hayes walked out on Sydney Harper, the only woman whom he’s ever really loved. The darkness of a life without Sydney in it sends him spiraling out of control. Drowning in a world of nightmares and devastating loss, can he find his way out, or will an unexpected reminder of his past and the threat of another man in Sydney’s life, keep him from accepting the love that’s right there in front of him?

Angry and heartbroken, Sydney Harper was left devastated when Jensen left her. As she struggles to find a way to get past the hurt and loss, can she find the courage to fight for the man she loves and convince him to get the help he needs? Will threats to their relationship rip them apart or will Sydney find a way to get Jensen to open up to her and finally let her love in?

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