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Let Me Heal You
Beautifully Broken Book 3
Sydney Harper watched helplessly while the love of her life nearly ended it all because she assumed the worst of Jensen, and walked out when he needed her most. Will the guilt she feels consume her? Will it keep her from holding on to her own sanity when her tragic past comes back to haunt her? 

Surviving his suicide attempt was the easy part for Jensen Hayes. Surviving the horror of Sydney’s past when it rears its ugly head is another story entirely. When Sydney struggles with her own demons, can Jensen be strong enough to hold them both together, while still battling his PTSD and the scars from his past?  Will it be too much for his fragile mind to win the hardest fight of his life, and claim the future he wants so badly with Sydney?


The Beautifully Broken Trilogy comes to an emotional conclusion as Sydney and Jensen learn that they are stronger than they think, and what fate brings together, nothing can break apart.

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