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Unity City Book 2

My name is Harlow Walsh. You know me. I’m the infamous killer who saved the man I love from the bargain that almost cost him his life. For the past few months, Van and I have kept to ourselves, avoiding any kind of drama in the city we call home and enjoying our new life together as soul mates. I thought I’d finally put my violent past behind me, finding peace and acceptance with the new family I never even knew I needed. But I should’ve known it was too good to be true. Not only is Van struggling to control the wolf that was awakened inside him, but now a friend has been murdered by some mysterious preternatural force no one can identify. And it’s up to us to solve both problems before it’s too late for my mate, for me… for everyone.

My name is Van Cabrera, soul mate to the love of my life, and half-breed bastard struggling to find a balance between my fae and wolf halves. Despite the newfound freedom Harlow has gained me, I’m still a slave to the beast inside me that’s constantly raging to get out. And each time I fail, I fear I’ll lose myself completely. I thought I could control my wolf with sheer force of will alone. But that changes the moment I become a liability and a physical danger to the woman I love. It’s how I find myself desperate enough to make yet another bargain, like the one that nearly took my life. Will I finally succeed where I’ve failed before? Or will it cost me the last thing I can afford to lose? My mate.
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