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Dark Devotion
Dangerous Desire Book 2

What will a man sacrifice to protect the woman he loves?

The dark dominion this woman granted me over her body and pleasure had somehow morphed into a love I couldn’t admit to her. I hurt her and pushed her away, then almost paid the ultimate price that she could have easily paid instead. I wasn’t the man she deserved, so I let her go. I would learn to live with the pain of losing her, because it was far better than hurting her ever again.

I fell in love with a man who couldn’t admit that he loved me, and I walked away. Love shouldn’t be this hard, shouldn’t hurt this much. Right? But did I make a mistake? Was I just afraid of being hurt again? If I loved him, I should give him another chance. I submitted to his dark dominion, now I just had to embrace his Dark Devotion…

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