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Blood Rivals
Unity City Book 3

My name is Anson Hale, mage and head of the Unity Coven’s mage council. The position means everything to me, so when it’s threatened by a rival who questions my loyalty to the council, I do the only thing I can do, keep my head down and stay out of trouble. Until a friend goes missing and a vampire is the most likely suspect, and I’m forced to confront the one vampire I despise the most, the gorgeous and alluring one I can’t seem to stop lusting after. Now we have to work together, and all I can do is hope my hatred is enough to temper my attraction to Ameera Fatali, and that I can fight it long enough for us to defeat our common enemy.

My name is Ameera Fatali, vampire and Master of the City. Despite how much I loathe Anson Hale, we’re inexplicably attracted to each other. He threatens the careful balance I maintain between my riotous vampire emotions and the ironclad control needed to keep what’s left of my humanity. So I’m less than pleased when he shows up at my door with unfounded accusations and I’m forced to work with him against my greatest foe. But the more time I spend with the infuriating man, the more I realize he isn’t who I thought he was, and the fiery passion between us is far more than just physical. And maybe, if we’re both brave enough to look past our animosity and strong enough to survive the looming threats against us, we could have a chance at happiness together.
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