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Blood Reckoning
Unity City Book 4

My name is Anson Hale, former mage and human, thanks to the actions of the woman I love and now hate in equal measure. Despite how much I loathe her now for everything she’s cost me, I’m forced to rely on her to navigate my new circumstances. And without her help to control the monster I’ve now become, my mind devolves into a chaotic maelstrom of emotions that threaten to consume me. But when outside forces arise to imperil us and our already fractured relationship, will I have the will to get past my resentment and embrace my new life before it’s too late? Or will I fold beneath the immense pressure and lose everything right along with the woman I inexplicably still love?

My name is Ameera Fatali, vampire and Master of the City. When faced with losing the man I love, I made the only choice I could, even if that choice meant he’ll never forgive me. But I didn’t consider just how negatively he’d react to what it cost him or how it would change our relationship for the worse. Now I must deal with the fallout while confronting a new threat to my life and my hard-won position as Master of the City and hope we’ll both survive the oncoming storm.
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