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You Are My Life
Breathless Book 3
Natalie Spencer was left reeling from life-altering news that could change the very nature of her relationship with David, the man she loves. Will she find the courage to tell him? Will their budding relationship even survive if she does?
David Mazur only wants to make Natalie happy, but when the changes in their lives begin to take their toll on her, he blames himself for failing her. Faced with the betrayal of a trusted family member, and the stress of trying to fix things with Natalie, can he save their hemorrhaging relationship?
When fear and insecurity threaten to get the best of each of them, will their lack of communication and assumptions tear them apart?
The Breathless Trilogy comes to a poignant and heartfelt conclusion as David and Natalie learn that love and family are always worth the struggle and sacrifice.
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